Top Ten Kids Party Favors

Discussion in 'Kids Party Ideas' started by crafts, Jun 15, 2011.

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    I have compiled a list of my top favorite party favor ideas. What are your top party favor ideas for kids?

    1. Games and Puzzles

    Jigsaw puzzles, board games, word games like crossword puzzles and Sudoku are great party favors especially for older kids

    kids-party-favors.jpg Make and Take
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    Craft_elf_Holiday_fall_leaf_wreath_printable_Fall Wreath.JPG
    My favorite from this list is ....................... the make and take party favors. It is almost like a double prize because they have fun making it then get to take it home. I especially like this idea if it is something useful after it is made such as this wreath Wreath.htm. It is very simple to make but serves a purpose at home - a great decoration! You can change out the leaves for other craft foam shapes to fit the theme of the party.

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