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    I am wondering if anyone else has ever seen stuffed calico (all different colors) hearts hanging on a tree in someone's front yard.  One town near us has several houses in different neighborhoods that have these hearts hanging outside their homes.  They look so welcoming and pretty!  The hearts are joined in twos with jute (brown string) connecting them.  I love this idea but am wondering if it has some other significance other than Valentines Day since I've only seen them in one town.
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    If the town you are speaking of is Winchester, I may have the answer. I Googled it and came up with this answer:

    "Epiphanyâ??s heart kits, that brighten up yards around town each year during the cold winter months, will also be available, ready for stuffing and hanging on trees.  The Epiphany hearts started over 7 years ago by a Winchester woman whose friend was undergoing chemo and radiation treatments.  She surprised her friend by making the hearts and draping them on her tree in the dead of night so when her friend woke she would find them.  She left an anonymous note saying "youâ??ve been hearted", that she was loved, and people were thinking of her.  The friend was so touched that she did the same for friends of hers, and the idea took off.  Epiphany started offering the hearts soon after.  Women came together and cut, sewed and assembled kits.  Each February Epiphanyâ??s tree is graced with hundreds of hearts and hearts appear on trees throughout Winchester and surrounding communities."

    The page where I found it is ~ Wicked Local Winchester

    The hearts sound lovely. I wish the article had a picture of them.
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    Yes!  It is Winchester!  Thank you for finding that.  What a beautiful story.  Makes me want to do the same! and I have someone in mind.

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